About me and Resume

Hi my name is Brandon Jefferson but i also go by the name of Klown. I am 22 years old and i have my Bachelors in Digital entertainment and my Associates in Visual communications. I do a lot of things and i have experience with a lot of different things as well.

Things i do:
Create 3d models, Animations, Story boarding, Video editing, Environmental sounds, Voice overs, Background music, Musical scores for videos,Create Fliers, Business cards, Promo material, Marketing material, and Websites
I am also a musical Prodigy (self proclaimed). The type of music i create is generally hip/hop/ Nerdhop (a rapper that has graduated college and raps educated)  and i also create instrumentals and different things for different occasions.
Theirs more to come and if you would like to learn anything else just ask!!


and follow me on twitter at Twitter.com/Klownyes